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Richard Brooks - Reflective Journal

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My work is informed by my personal faith, sense of vulnerability, bereavement, and, my personal experience.

My practice centres on addressing social justice issues of the human condition. I avoid making work of any individual person; so that neither, is the individual stigmatised, nor is the work unduly personalised.

Since January 2012 I have used this blog as part of my reflective journal.
Included in this journal is some of my documentation of my research; the underlined text provides links to web pages etc that have formed part of my research.
The Research Visits category includes some responses to gallery visits.

Further Research into People Trafficking

Other ResearchPosted by Richard Tue, June 12, 2012 16:56:48
I have continued my research into people trafficking and have found a number of useful resources.

These have included press reports in The Guardian and The Telegraph; these intern pointed me to the salvation army which has produced a six month review on supporting victims of people trafficking and provided accounts of three diverse personal stories from former victims. Quite rightly they put the well-being of the former victims as paramount; so do not provide access for interviews. This I think is good, these people should not have to relive their traumatic experiences through being exposed to press and academic scrutiny. Although it would be good to obtain a digest of short accounts that had already been gathered by frontline workers such as the Salvation Army.

It is noteworthy that, as The Guardian article highlights, over 40% of all trafficking victims are male and that, of all victims, 45% were trafficked into prostitution and 43% into forced labour and 8% into domestic servitude.

This is really useful data that will help to inform my future work, that I hope will question some of the common pre-conceptions about people trafficking.

The HTF [Human Trafficking Foundation] is also both a good resource in itself and also provides a very valuable list, including links, of further resources.

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