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Richard Brooks - Reflective Journal

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My work is informed by my personal faith, sense of vulnerability, bereavement, and, my personal experience.

My practice centres on addressing social justice issues of the human condition. I avoid making work of any individual person; so that neither, is the individual stigmatised, nor is the work unduly personalised.

Since January 2012 I have used this blog as part of my reflective journal.
Included in this journal is some of my documentation of my research; the underlined text provides links to web pages etc that have formed part of my research.
The Research Visits category includes some responses to gallery visits.

Felixstowe Beach 2012-02-15

Art Practice -Work In ProgressPosted by Richard Wed, February 15, 2012 20:36:01
Today I was struck by how rough the sea was and at how I had learnt to recognise the sound of the sea, whilst approaching the [out of sight] beach I remarked that it seamed to be high tide - this was merely from the sound of the sea, and so it transpired.

I also realise, having made weekly visits for four months now, that I am finding it easier to find items of human detritus, such as fragments of polystyrene, clear plastic, half buried thread entwined in seaweed etc. I seem to have learnt to recognise such items more readily and to be able to better distinguish them from stone/ shell/ seaweed etc.

So if such items are a sort of metaphor for migrant peoples, why are we and the authorities not better at recognising those truly in need, those who are genuinely in need of asylum and those who have been trafficked and are thus really victims rather than criminals? It brings back to mind the moving theatrical work that I viewed as part of the launch of Ipswich Town of Sanctuary back in the autumn - where the narrative was all the more disturbing for knowing that it was using the actual words of those who had sought asylum etc.

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